About Me



Hi!  I’m Nicole.

I live with my family in Baltimore Maryland.   My husband and I met at the University of Maryland, he made me laugh then and still does today.  We have two kids together, a boy and a girl, that are as different as night and day.  They keep us humble and on our toes at all times!  I can’t forget our 4 legged family member, Maya, who had her 5 minutes of fame as Toto in the Center Stage’s performance of “The Wiz”.  I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stint as a stage mom.

Like many moms turned photographers, my inspiration were my own children. Time just flies by and taking pictures, documenting our lives helps me to slow it down.  I carry my camera around everywhere.  I want to catch us in the moment, living.  I photograph the little things, seemingly invisible details and the big ta-da moments as well.

I like for my clients to find their session to be playful and fun.    My photography style is real.  Families grow and change.  I want to capture you as you are today.  So you can later smile and remember all the nuances that define that period. Often my clients become friends, I love that and look forward to seeing their families grow.