Back to School | Baltimore Childrens Photographer Nicole Lubin

It’s that time of year! We all like to document our kids new beginnings.  With each school year bringing new challenges and celebrations, it’s a photo opportunity not to be missed.  I know my mother said it a thousand times but it’s true, they really do grow up fast.  So despite the lack of enthusiasm from my kids, I was determined to figure out a way to get them interested.  So here are my tips:  I went around my house and gathered school like items.  I wanted some props to enhance the scene.  I found a globe, calculator, notebooks, desk or chair and of course, don’t forget that apple.  I dragged the items to a plain grassy area.  Once I was all set up I brought the kids in.  My daughter was thrilled to model her new outfit from Justice, her favorite store.    Then I played and joked with the kids.  Call out “Justin Beiber” if you have to, to get an authentic smile.  Bet them that they can’t balance an apple on their head.  “Oh you can do that? I bet you can’t balance your books on your head?”  Have them ball up a piece of paper and see if they can throw it and hit your camera.  It won’t, because notebook paper is too light, but they will sure enjoy trying.   Within no time they’ll be workin’ it!




August 29, 2011 - 12:48 pm

Beth - These are FABULOUS!!! Fantastic advise and talent, Nicole!

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