Festive Card Display

Greetings for the Holidays!!

With our hectic lifestyles of cell phones and email, nothing short of Santa himself says “Happy Holidays” quite as much as an old fashioned card!  It’s reassuring to get those holiday greetings, and its extra special when you can actually HOLD it in your hand–better yet, display it in your home over your fireplace or door!

So how’s the best way to show off those festive cards? You can easily and inexpensively make a garland of cards for your mantel or doorway by threading a few dozen large beads onto a decorative string.  As cards arrive, hand each one over the string between two beads; the beads will serve as spacers.  For those non-folding cards try Gripping Stuff!, a nifty adhesive felt that allows you to display cards (and pretty much anything else) without ruining your woodwork or wallpaper. Look for it at your local stationary or office supply store, or for additional information, go to www.gripping-stuff.com.

And don’t forget, as those cards come in, snip the return address from the envelope, and tape it to the back of the card.  After the holidays, you’ll have all those addresses to update your card list for the next year.

When it’s time to take the decorations down, gather all your cards and stack them together face up.  Go through each card and punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner, taking care not to crop off any faces or essential writing.  Next, use a small ribbon to tie a loose loop through all of the cards, leaving enough slack to easily look through the cards.  Store the group with your holiday decorations, and when next year rolls around, you’ll have a fun and festive booklet to set out on a table or in a basket.  Each year you can do the same, and enjoy watching your friends and family grow and change with each passing holiday!

Below are a few ideas that I found on pinterest from Martha Stewart.   I think I might try the banister idea myself this year!







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